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Plan Toys Beehives


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A fantastic toy for older children - it's all about hand eye coordination! This colourful beehive toy provides hours of fun for a toddler either on their own or with mum and dad. The trick is can you use the tweezers provided to get the bees out of their hive (or to put them back in again). Designed to support children's development and fine motor skills and also encourages counting and colour recognition.

While this toy is not for children younger than 3 yrs, it still meets the same high quality and environmental credentials of the rest of the range. It's well made using rubber wood and organic pigments and water-based dyes. This means that there's no paint so unlike other wooden toys, it won't chip and will look newer for longer. A great gift for for a pre-school child.


  • 3+ years
  • Ideal for 1+ players
  • Made from recycled rubber wood
  • Coloured with organic pigment water-based dyes
  • Environmentally sustainable

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