Organic Cotton

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyous memories you have. The first time they are born you simply want to hold and protect them, they are so precious.


Small Baby in Caboo


We want you to relax knowing your baby is safe in natural materials. Organic cotton not only contain fewer chemicals they also feel softer too.

Cotton is traditionally farmed using multiple pesticides and harsh chemicals at the factories to produce the cotton. Even after washing these chemicals still leave traces long after baby has been wearing the product.

Organic cotton is produced in a more natural manner without all the harsh chemicals in field or factory. Organic cotton can also feel much softer and last much longer than traditional baby clothes.

Baby legs


We find that organic cotton feels much better, and baby is happier and healthier.

Our Toys are either sustainably made at Fair Trade certified farmers and manufacturers or made from sustainable wood products using non-toxic paints



Organic Cotton & Bamboo