Becoming a new parent can be both exciting and daunting. We've put together a list of our top 7 best buys to help you through those early years.

1. Caboo +Organic Multi Position Baby Carrier - Making yourself a drink, answering the door, using the bathroom - all of these things will be a test of your ninja skills when you're also trying not to disturb the sleeping baby who has just fallen asleep in your arms. Keeping baby close in those early days is really important, not just for baby but also for mum and dad. The Caboo +Organic Baby Carrier can be used from birth (5lbs) upwards, it's easy to put on, fully adjustable, soft, and holds baby just as you would, with the added bonus that you're hands are free. It's also great for when baby wants to snooze on your chest while you stretch out on the sofa, but don't want to risk baby rolling off! With all of these benefits as well as the ease of skin to skin and bonding, we wouldn't have been without our Caboo!

Caboo +Organic Baby Carrier


2. Lansinoh Lanolin - There are many brands of lanolin available on the market but if you do choose to breastfeed, Lanolin will be a godsend! You can use it before and after you breastfeed without having to worry about washing it off because it won't harm baby or interfere with feeding. It's an all natural product which soothes the skin, allows it to breathe and helps to stop soreness getting worse. 

Lansinoh Lanolin sore cracked nipples Hazelbou top 10 best buys for new parents

3. Skip Hop Duo Signature Changing Bag - Your changing bag will be your go to swag bag for being out and about over the next few years. With a modern chevron pattern and grey trim, this mid-range bag has plenty of pockets, is easy to clean and comes with a change mat. The side pockets on each end are perfect for bottles and each of the front pockets has a magnet close to keep little spoons, bibs and snacks firmly in place. 

Skip Hop Duo Signature Changing Bag Hazelbou Top 10 best buys

4. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Tub - It's strange how quickly discussions about poop become part of daily life when you have a new baby! The Tommy Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Tub and the refill cassettes make life easy. It goes something like this....oh isn't he/she gorgeous, yes you are, yes you are, my gorgeous little bubba....oh ahhhh what's that smell, wow that is strong (a bit of back and forth about whose turn it is)...ok gorgeous let's change that nappy. A couple of wipes, a dab of cream and the nappy is rolled up and put into the tub - no fuss, no mess, no smell!....and it's play time again. The refill cassettes contain a long thin bin bag which is fed through as you push the nappies in. A grey ring inside the lid lets you twist the bag around trapping the nappy and any odours in. 

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Tub Hazelbou top 10 best buys

 5. A family pass for sunny and rainy days - Whether you've got one new bundle of joy or a challenging team of little monsters, having somewhere close by where you can go as a family, to get the kids (and yourselves) out of the house, is a very good idea. If it's somewhere you can go whether it rains or shines, and you can buy a family pass for the year so you don't have to worry about cost on the day - all the better. For us it's our local zoo, our annual fees help support the animals and the zoo's conservation efforts. In the sunshine we can see the animals, go for a picnic, ride on the steam train and play in the playground. In the rain we can still wrap up and enjoy the animals if we want to, but we can also just go to the soft play centre and cafe which they have on-site. It might be a zoo, farm, National Trust or English Heritage site, or local museum but you'll be surprised how useful that pass will be.

elephants enjoying stroll on the downs

The elephants taking on walk on a hillside at Whipsnade Zoo.

6. Milestone cards - 'They grow up so fast', we all remember our parents and their friends saying that, but when you have your own little ones you realise that not only do children grow quickly but they change quickly in others ways too. One minute they sleep all day and rarely open their eyes, the next they're rolling around your living room laughing at grandad pulling funny faces! All of those small changes, first smile, first tooth, first roll, first step....they all deserve to be celebrated. Milestone cards mean that you can catch baby in action on your phone camera, either placing the card next to them or putting it into the image later, and then all those little moments can be remembered. At the end of baby's first year you can even use on of a growing number of online photo book services and have the pictures made into a book to keep.

Milestone Cards Hazelbou top 10 best buys for new parents

7. Playtex Nurser Bottles & Drop-Ins Liners - For those times when you're on holiday or in the air or on the road for a long time with your little one, Playtex Bottles and Liners are great. The bottles, available in 4 and 8-10oz. sizes, the bottles themselves are plastic and have no bottom. The Drop-Ins Liners are pre-formed pre-sterilised liners with a rim which sits steadily on top of the bottle and is held in place when the lid is screwed on. The liners are disposable making them great for travel because you don't need to sterilise the whole bottle, just the top. The milk is effectively held in a bag which collapses as baby drinks, just like mums breast, preventing colic and making switching between breast and bottle easier. Of course you don't just have to use them when travelling, with baby number two, we used them for the first 5 months.

Playtex Nurser Bottle with Drop-Ins Liner Hazelbou top 10 best buys for new parents