What is Hazelbou?

Hi we're Gavin and Amy, and we started Hazelbou in 2017 because we realised that while there were many online stores selling sustainable baby products, none of them had managed to get their products in front of us.

That was a very important point, our first son Reuben was born in 2013 and our second son Theodore was born in 2016, and in the 3-4 years that we had been buying baby clothes and toys we had been largely unaware of sustainable options.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and fair trade products were already important to us in other parts of our lives - recycling, energy saving light bulbs, fair trade coffee, an electric car.....But even with all of the energy we spent finding fantastic baby products, we largely missed the fact that we could also make better choices for our children. Hazelbou was born from a belief that it's better to buy the best and most sustainable products you can afford. So that's our mission, to provide as many parents as possible with a sustainable choice for their children's future.

Hazelbou Our Story

What's so special about Hazelbou?

We curate a collection of the softest organic baby sleeping bags, blankets, and clothes, and sustainable and fair trade toys to share with our Hazelbou friends. The main point is that we're trying to provide as many parents as possible with great value sustainable options so that they don't miss out on choices they would like to be able to make!

It would be great if as many people as possible could share this message - tell all your friends, sustainable baby clothes and toys can be affordable and great value because they last longer, and they're also better for babies sensitive skin. You can also share our message on Facebook and Instagram @hazelboubaby.

Our collections are design-led and increasingly we're building our collection to reflect our love of adventure. Whether it be the natural environment with inspiration from our time spent in New Zealand, local inspiration from our home in Bedfordshire, or the adventurous antics of our two boys we're taking inspiration - life with a sense of adventure.

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"Ordered 3 items for a 1st birthday present. Speedy delivery, and all items received are really lovely, great quality. Can't wait to give them to the wee recipient. Thank you, Hazelbou!!!" - Genevieve W.

What do you mean by 'great value'?

Great value at Hazelbou means products that are priced as competitively as possible in relation to non-sustainable options (to encourage anyone that can, to choose sustainability), and products that are so well-made that they can be passed down and used again. The baby sleeping bags, clothes and toys we choose are heirloom quality and can be passed on to friends and family.

We look forward to sharing Hazelbou with you. All our love Amy & Gavin

Gavin and Amy Lee Founders of Hazelbou