Hazelbou: designed for baby, made for life

Gorgeous baby clothes and toys in stylish prints, patterns and designs. All 100% organic cotton or bamboo and made sustainably. 

Single colour silhouette blue elephant pigeon romper

The idea of Hazelbou started a long time ago, but this is where it became real - with this beautiful blue romper from Pigeon Organics. Our eldest son Reuben was born in 2013 and we did what most people do, we shopped on the high street. The best item of baby clothing we found was this romper - I didn't even realise it was organic at the time (although Gavin insists he always knew!) but the quality and beautiful fabric convinced me, and in 2016 Reuben's younger brother Theodore was born, and it had lasted so well that I put him in it too! 

When we came to making decisions on what kind of company Hazelbou would be and what kind of clothes and toys we wanted to offer we looked at a wide range of options, but there was no competition. It was always going to be organic, sustainable, better for baby's skin, and better for the environment.

That's why we say 'designed for baby and designed for life' because the baby clothes and toys we choose are made sustainably (protecting people and the environment) and last so well, that they can be passed on to more than one child.

We believe that when it comes to spending on anything, you should always pick the most sustainable option available to you. That's why it's important for us to make sure we offer sustainable clothes and toys that provide excellent value for our customers. 

We look forward to sharing Hazelbou with you. All our love Amy & Gavin xxx