Why should parents choose Hazelbou?

We insist on quality, value, and sustainability. Only if a product is the best quality, excellent value, and made sustainably do we consider sharing it with our Hazelbou community. From those products we then only offer the ones we feel are stylish, practical, and unforgettable for both parents and baby.

We're always on hand to answer questions about our clothes and toys - questions about size, colour, how and where they're made - no problem. We can also accommodate extra requests and special arrangements - gift wrap, personal note, add a card, make it a gift basket, just ask.

Clothes for baby

Our clothes are designed to be beautiful and practical whilst offering the best quality, excellent value, and being sustainably made. Our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton which is GOTS certified and dyed using non-toxic dyes. Our clothes last longer because they are well-made and offer generous sizing.

Most of our clothes are also certified fair trade so you know that the farmers and producers involved in making your clothes and toys have been treated fairly and equally.

Toys for baby

Our toys are designed to support baby's development and the engage their imagination through play. Our wooden toys are made from recycled rubber wood, and coloured with organic pigment dyes. Our soft toys are either made from organic cotton or ethically sourced acrylic.

Why should parents choose sustainability?

You can buy baby clothes and toys that are not made sustainably, they're often cheaper and more widely available. But if you have the option to buy products that are better for the environment, protect baby's skin from build-up of toxic chemicals, and will last longer providing better value, then sustainable clothes and toys are an obvious choice.

Why organic?


Organic clothes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Starting with celebrities, now many people choose to buy organic, particularly for young children. Organic cotton baby clothes are free from toxic and persistent pesticides which means they are better for the soil, water, skin, and air.

Even 100% cotton clothes, which account for most baby clothes on the market, can be covered in pesticides, bleaches and chemicals used during the production process to coat the fabric. When buy organic, you avoid all of those chemicals which sit against baby's skin.


Bamboo is a very fast growing member of the grass family which grows mainly in east Asia. Although use of Bamboo fibres in fabrics for clothing has gained popularity, very few growers or manufacturers have been certified as organic producers so most bamboo clothes are not certified organic. In part this is because Bamboo is naturally a very sustainable product.

  • It grows quickly and requires no pesticides or fertilisers.  
  • The plant contains a natural substance called bamboo-kun, an antimicrobial agent that gives a natural resistance to pests and fungi.
  • Silver ions can be added to the fabric to enhance these properties and make the clothes antibacterial and as a result it's non-allergenic.
  • Bamboo is biodegradable - bamboo fabric left in soil will decompose completely.
  • It is super soft, the softest fabric we've ever come across - softer than cotton or fleece.
  • Bamboo keeps babies warm in summer and cool in winter, and it absorbs up to 60% more moisture than cotton.

The type of Bamboo used to make clothing, is also not the type that pandas like to eat, so you don't have to worry about pandas going hungry!

Why Fairtrade?

For us Fairtrade is important. It helps farmers and workers achieve better pricing and working conditions and provides confidence that baby's clothes have been made fairly. Find out more by visiting fairtrade.org.uk.