How to get that first beach trip with baby just right - 5 tips for baby beach fun


The sun is shining and you don't have to work today, so what better opportunity to take your little sunshine to the beach right? can be stressful thinking about a beach trip with a baby (or babies!) but here are 5 things you can do to make everything peachy beachy....(yes I made it up but it's ok because it rhymes).

1. Save spontaneity for your choice of ice cream, plan your beach day in advance

I don't want to be a kill joy, you're still young, you can still wake up at 8am and be out the door at 8.30 on your way to the beach...just not with baby, just don't do it to yourself. Decide when you want to go at least a few days in advance so that you can arrange everything. It may sound boring but if you plan just a little in advance, your beach day with baby will be smooth sailing....pun intended ;)


2. Stock up on fresh suncream SPF#50

We all know we need to protect babies' skin from the sun and there are plenty of choices on offer with high SPF levels. Go for factor 50, but don't forget that mum's skin may also be more delicate at this time so don't neglect yourself. Also remember that sun cream doesn't last forever, just like with other skin products and makeup the active ingredients degrade over time, so you should throw away any old suncream and always buy fresh each year or each holiday.

"don't forget that mum's skin may also be more delicate at this time so don't neglect yourself"

3. Take a picnic

This sounds like straight forward suggestion, or you may baulk at the thought of missing out on your fish and chips or (...insert favourite food here...). But if the beach is busy you may have to wait for a table, try telling baby that! and you can bet that baby and toddlers won't be hungry when they're dinner is in front of them, but 10 minutes later on the beach they'll decide they're hungry. Taking a picnic is healthier yes, but it's also more flexible and children (and adults) can eat at their own pace.

4. Take layers

This goes for mum, dad, baby, siblings and even the dog if he's luck enough to be going with you! If you're getting your beach groove on a tropical island then a single light layer to keep off the sun (in addition to sun cream) may be enough, but if you're braving a UK beach the weather can change quickly and can be very windy even if it is warm. I go by the rule of 3....a warm layer (jumper), a light layer (long-sleeve t-shirt or cardigan), and a wet layer (waterproof jacket). This gives everyone the flexibility to be comfortable whatever the weather.....and what else are pushchairs for than to carry all that stuff. 

5. Your beachy peachy packing list...

Number 5 is good value, lots of good tips crammed into one, so here goes. Consider taking (in no particular oder):
  • Food and water (don't forget the dog if he's joining you)
  • Cups with lids for kids
  • Suncream
  • Swimming costumes
  • Swim nappies
  • Nappy bags (there may not be a bin on the beach so you'll need to take your rubbish with you)
  • Wipes (what mother would be without them)
  • Towels (bamboo blankets fold down small and can double as a baby towel at the beach) - see our aztec print bamboo blankets
  • Sunhats (don't forget mum and dad too)
  • Beach shoes or sandals
  • Clothes for the car on the way home, we suggest a nice snuggle romper for baby
  • E45 cream to sooth baby's skin after paddling in seawater
  • Money for parking, ice creams and maybe sun loungers
  • Bucket and spade, diggers and toy cars....maybe even a dinosaur
  • Shade, a tent or beach cover which everyone can shelter under when the sun is at it's hottest
  • If you're taking a toddler, you'll need a small box or bag for the beach stones and shells they'll want to collect
  • Nursery rhyme CD or playlist for the car
  • Plastic carrier bags - I wouldn't normally suggest these but they're helpful for carrying wet swim gear
  • A few toys to play with...especially if you decide to wait out the rain in a coffee shop ;)
  • ....and lastly, a spare jumper for mum or dad, because at least one normally gets sacrificed to help someone else keep warm or dry!

Snuggly Pigeon Seaside Romper and Knotted Hat

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