Hazelbou launch!

Super excited that today we can share Hazelbou with all our friends and family as the Hazelbou website is now live and open to the public. So excited I could kiss a seahorse....oh they beat me to it! We've been able to work with some great brands to bring the best of organic, fair trade, and sustainable baby products to Hazelbou - more on our favourites later.

As well as the clothing, blankets and soft toys currently available on our website, we'll also soon be adding a range of toys from a wonderful sustainable company. The colours of these toys are amazing, and the design.....I can't deny, I myself have had a bit of a play, you just can't help it!

We hope that as awareness of Hazelbou slowly grows more people will join our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest communities, and we'll use those channels to share news, competitions, prizes etc. 

We're also always looking for new and innovative baby products which our customers will find unforgettable so if you see something you think we should offer - please let us know.

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