Forward Look: 2018 Baby Trends

What a year 2017 has been, but what will be big in 2018? Here are our predictions for the top baby trends in 2018, and why we think parents and babies will be gaga for them :)

Looking forward and looking back

Just as with this blog post, in 2018 many brands will want to look forward and back. Expect to see a mixture of space prints with plants, moons, and stars and historical prints with characters from history - legendary warriors, knights, kings and queens.

1.Little Green Radicals Space and Planets 2.Molly & Moo Constellation Bamboo Dinnerwear 

3.Raspberry Republic Spaceman 4.Attic Textiles Baby Viking Hat

1. AW18 Space pattern from Little Green Radicals (sneak peek!) | 2. Bamboo Constellation Dinnerware from Molly & Moo | 3. AW18 Space Explorers pattern from Raspberry Republic | 4. Baby Viking Hat from Attic Textiles

Little princes and princesses

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby due in April and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May, will we be going gaga over all things royal? Certainly when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born there were plenty of little prince and little princess outfits available in the shops. This time we also expect some of the more traditional themes to resurface...think crowns, and traditional toys like shape sorters.

1.Best Years Medieval Princess Doll 2.Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House 


1. Medieval Princess Doll from Best Years | 2. Victorian Dolls House from Plan Toys | Plan Toys Bus Shape Sorter found here

Magical creatures

Magic has been a popular theme since the launch of Harry Potter in 1997. In 2017 it was unicorns and legendary creatures; witches and wizards will continue to be popular in 2018.

1.Plan Toys Pegasus Rocker 2.

1. Pegasus Rocker from Plan Toys | 2. Fairytale print Pigeon Romper Baby Grow found here


It seems strange describing sustainability as a theme or trend but parents will increasingly think about ways to minimise their environmental impact and save money too! People are buying more electric cars and sales of organic food and clothes are steadily increasing; this should continue in 2018.

1. 2. 

1. Baby gift box from Hazelbou - a great way to get a romper, organic muslin, organic baby vest and petroleum-free jelly in a beautifully presented gift box found here | 2. Kite Unicorn Baby Sleeping Bag found here | 3. Muslinz Organic Cotton and Bamboo Muslin Square found here

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