Close up toys: Plan Toys Diplo Dino Car

There's more to the Plan Toys Diplo Dino Car than meets the eye! Read on to find out what makes this fellow so special.

The Plan Toys Dino Diplo Car is one of our best selling wooden toys, but why? 

  1. Dinosaur toys make great gifts. Children and their parents love dinosaurs; they're make a great gift for boys or girls and can play a part in any game. The fact that they're extinct but actually did once roam the earth also inspires the imagination of toddlers!
  2. It's wood, not plastic! There has been a lot of discussion in the media recently about our use of plastic and the impact of plastic waste on the environment. This dino toy is made of wood so you don't have to worry about putting more plastic into your toy box. Being made of wood it's also incredibly strong so it won't break like plastic toys, which can also have sharp edges.
  3. It's sustainably made. It's made of wood left over from other manufacturing which is bound together by organic pigment glue and coloured with organic pigment water-based dyes. Why is that important you ask? - good question. Ever been disappointed by a wooden toy where the paint chipped and the surface dented as soon as the children started playing with it? - yes me too! Plan Toys won't do that because they're not painted they're dyed, and as it will definitely be going in someone's mouth at some point that's important.
  4. It is a dinosaur or a car? Kids love dinosaurs and cars and with this little gem they don't have to choose. He can zoom along a race track or train track with the cars but can also chase other dinosaurs (that's what happens in our house). 
  5. Good value. It's difficult to find a really very high quality toy for under £10, but this little fella is only £5.95 - what a bargain! 
  6. He's got friends. Of course it's always good to have options and it's nice to know that this guy has some friends so if you're little one is more of a triceratops boy or a t-rex girl, no problem - same quality, same price!

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