A hat is just a hat, isn't it? - how to choose a winter hat for baby

That's it, we're calling it - it's dark when we wake up, winter is coming! As the last of the summer sun fades to autumn and the drizzle beds in, our little ones move from sunhat to cosy topper. Of course that means there are now some fantastic deals to be had on sunhats - up to 50% off.

sail away sunhatsecret seahorse sunhatcornish copper sunhat

But with so many choices for winter, how do you choose baby's winter hat? There are several different types to choose from. These beauties are the knotted cotton hats which babies often wear home from the hospital, and this is Hazelbou, so of course they're 100% organic cotton. Their thin enough to keep baby warm but can also be worn on a mild day if it's a little windy. 

knotted badger hatpink starfish knotted hatblue bear knotted hat

Another type of winter hat available is the more traditional bonnet hat. These are usually made of slightly thicker cotton and they can be lined for extra warmth. Bonnet hats also come down to cover baby's ears which keeps the wind away. Again these ones are made from 100% organic cotton and they're lined in coordinating stripe fabric.

brown acorn bonnetblue dragonfly bonnetpink butterfly bonnet


Of course no matter what hat you choose for baby, be careful that baby doesn't get overheated and take it off when you get into the car or come inside. 

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