5 things...super human powers I didn't know I had until I became a parent

Only 5 you say....yes there are many many things we've had to learn to be mum and dad to our two boys Reuben and Theodore, but here are the top 5 super human powers you didn't know you had until you became a parent.

1. Your spidey senses are real and your Kung Fu is strong

You absolutely do develop a sense for danger, even potential danger. You're aware of every sharp corner, uncovered plug socket, phone charger cable, top heavy table, dog/cat bowl, and doorway which might injure you're little one. You're powers also extend to being aware of every glass, hot plate and piece of cutlery on the table at any given time and being able to effortlessly clear them from your baby's path. It turns you're really quite good at this - chalk that up as a mummy/daddy win.

2. You actually do have two pairs of hands

Multi-tasking.....ha I laugh in the face of multi-tasking. You thought you could do it before but now you know you can. Not because you may have accidentally left the baby eating yogurt while dashing to help the toddler avoid a bathroom accident resulting in both yogurt walls and wet trousers (I never did that, she says defensively)...but because when you rushed back to the baby, you were able to finish feeding the baby, while cleaning up and changing the toddler. And maybe you even got the toddler a yogurt too. Turns out you have as many pairs of hands as you need, because you're mum and dad.

3. You will become a nappy ninja

It's clear from watching other parents that everyone gets the hang of changing nappies, it's not difficult. But what may come as a surprise is just how quickly you get your ninja status. In less than one week you'll be pulling tabs, wiping and wrapping like a pro...bing bang bosh! But what about those nappies we've all heard of, the big one - up their back, in their hair we all need a bath but we're in a restaurant type scenarios. Don't worry, you'll cope with that too, a little ruffled but you'll pull out the nappy bags and the wipes and get it done like a boss. Failing that, the cleanest of you will be nominated to go to the nearest shop to buy new clothes for everyone and you'll laugh about it later.

4. Your ability to parent is matched by your kids ability to teach you

It's a bit unfair actually, but your baby will know how to 'baby' from the moment it's born so you're playing catchup, but don't worry because you've got a good teacher. Within reason babies tell you what they need, you just have to go through trial and error (and there will be error) until you get it right. And the order of things matters, if baby doesn't want milk it might actually be that they want their nappy changing first, and then milk, but you'll figure it out.

5. I ain't afraid of no ghost

As your children get older and develop fears and phobias, you'll find that you're capable of facing your own fears - super mum/dad to the rescue. If like me you're afraid of snakes, spiders and dinosaurs (my parents let me watch Jurassic Park when I was perhaps a little too young), even toy ones, you'll suddenly find that you have the strength to look at and even touch those things!! Yesterday I found myself having a picnic in our living room with a toy snake happy sitting on my shoulder because he liked me and wanted to kiss my cheek. Well what if my son wants to study snake biology or be a zoo keeper one day - I don't want my fears to limit his choices. As I said, I ain't afraid of no ghost, or snake.

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