5 things...I really want to buy to share with all my customers

So it's buying season in the baby retail world and that means that I'm going to spend the next few weeks agonising over all of the gorgeous prints and designs that I've seen. The best trade show in the UK for retailers wanting to buy baby clothes (in my opinion) is called Indx Kidswear. It's run twice a year a few weeks ago I went along to be wowed by options for Spring/Summer 2018. I was not disappointed!

Here's 5 things that I really want to buy to share with you

Best Years Mammoth Soft Toy Rattle

I fell in love with these two burley mammoths from pictures in the catalogue, but when I saw them at the show they looked so handsome that they're definitely on my list. The smaller chap is a perfectly sized little rattle and the older fellow is the perfect size for squeezing and snuggling. I think these would look lovely in a nursery and would also make a great gift if given with a book like 'Roo the Roaring Dinosaur' or 'Cave Baby'.

Pigeon Unicorn Romper Organic CottonPigeon Owl Romper Organic Cotton

Gorgeous on the outside and gorgeous on the inside too. These are two rompers from Pigeon Organics which I saw at the show and fell in love with. Of course the pictures don't do them justice, Pigeon rompers are made from the softest 100% organic cotton I've ever felt (and I touch quite a lot of it). As well as the beautiful unicorn and owl prints (they also make many others) they are also very practical. Sizes which we stock in Pigeon rompers at hazelbou.com include NB, 0-5 mths, and 6-12 mths and the sizes come up very well. The reason the ranges can be quite broad is because at the back of each leg is a little cuff made with the same fabric but with a coordinating striped pattern. You turn the cuffs over to cover baby's feet, then as they grow you stop turning them over leaving the legs open at the feet and baby with plenty of room to stretch and grow. Beautiful, well made, organic, soft and they last longer - I'm sold!

Herdy Sleeping Bag

Have you Heardy the news?....I couldn't resist. This gorgeous sleeping bag is made by a company called Herdy and all of their products make use of wool from a breed of sheep called Herdwick Sheep which live in the Lake District. As sheep go they are actually quite cute and many people have quite an affection for them - Beatrix Potter bred them when she bought her farm in the Lake District. She became the first elected female President of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders’ Association in 1943.....ah but enough about sheep, what about Herdy.

So what drew me to this particular sleeping bag? well the pattern is lovely and it's great to support British Herdwick sheep and farmers but what sold me was the zip! Most baby sleeping bags with the zip on the front in the middle (as opposed to around the bottom and up the side seam) have a zip which does 'up', starting at the bottom and zipping up like a jumper. This means that you have to keep your finger under the zip as you do it up to avoid catching baby's skin in the zip. Inevitably when your sleep deprived the worst happens :( ....mummy guilt for at least a week! But not with Herdy, the zip on this sleeping bag is on the front and angles to the side but it zips 'down'. You put the zip together at the top and then zip it down towards baby's toes, away from baby. Even better the zip is never against baby because there is a flap of fabric underneath the full length of the zip. Never another boo boo, better for sheep, better for farmers, better for baby.

Chamomile Baby

Now this is a break from our normal focus, Chamomile Baby make gorgeous clothes at great prices, but best of all they're made in the UK and mostly unisex, something which seems quite hard to find! The only catch is, while they're 100% cotton, they're not organic. We're going to have to think very hard, but maybe we'll buy a small amount and see how they do. This becomes a question about why you buy organic - if I haven't already blogged about that I will do. Personally organic is important (minimising our environmental impact and keeping nasty chemicals away from baby's skin). But knowing you're clothes are made in an ethical way is equally as important - farmers are fairly paid, conditions are good, workers are fairly paid etc. that matters too. In many cases clothes that are organic are also fair trade or ethically made, but not always. When I spoke to the team at the show I was impressed by the sincerity of their approach and I look forward to seeing more from them.

Albetta Sloth Soft Toy

This cheeky sloth from Albetta isn't organic either but I love sloths and he stole my heart, very sweet and very soft, again another one I'll consider carefully.

Well with the sloth that makes 5 things I really want to buy to share with all my customers. I hope you've enjoyed reading, leave a comment to let me know which one would be your favourite find :)


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