5 things...dinosaurs for your new baby

Themes in children's clothes and toys come and go, but dinosaurs have never really gone extinct - at least not in the nursery! Here are 5 gloriously cool and sweet dinos for baby.

1. Sleep tight my sweet stegosaurus

Toby Tiger 2 pack sleepsuits dinosuars

Every new baby needs a stack of sleepsuits, good for day time, nap time and night time. These cute ones come as a pack of two - a white and green dinosaur pattern and a matching coordinating stripe. Both sleepsuits have integrated feet...but the BEST BIT is what they're made from. Made from 100% organic cotton, they're extra special because unlike many organic rompers and babygrows they're not too think. This means that baby won't overheat - perfect.

2. Dino cars - who wouldn't love that!

Plan Toys Diplo Dino CarPlan Toys Trio Dino CarPlan Toys Stego Dino CarPlan Toys T-rex  Dino Car

These fantastic sustainable vibrant dino cars are made from sustainable rubber wood and because everything goes in baby's mouth, their not painted, they're dyed with organic pigment dyes. Grrrrrreat stuff. There are four different designs - t-rex, diplodocus, stegosaurus, and triceratops in beautiful bright colours. BEST BIT of all is that they're only £5.95 each, which for a sustainable wooden toy that you'll be able to pass on for several generation, is a great deal!

3. A green t-rex dino classic

Best Years Green T-rex

This bright green fierce friend has become an icon in his own right. An incredibly popular choice as a gift for new babies and also toddlers, this T-Rex is made from ethically sourced acrylic. For a soft toy he's remarkably hard wearing, ours was given to our son when he was first born and 4 years later (after being dragged all over the place) he still looks roaringly fierce.

4. Dino hoodie - wrap up your baby rex

Toby Tiger Dino Hoodie

This soft fleece hoodie with kangaroo pocket in the front is a vibrant blue with green trim. Very popular with our boys it's available in sizes 6mths-4 yrs. The BEST BIT is that despite being a fleecy hoody (which you normally wouldn't associate with eco credentials) it's actually made from 100% organic cotton. Warm cosy feelings all round!

5. Monstrous dippy

Best Years Orange Soft Toy Diplodocus

A cousin of the green T-rex, this orange diplodocus is quite a bit larger at 26cm long and 26cm high. Again he's made from ethically sourced acrylic and is very hard wearing. His bright orange colour makes him a magnet for children of all ages - if there's one people want to reach out and touch it's this cheeky chappy!

So there you have it, 5 dinosaur goodies you can buy for yourself now that you have a baby...I mean for your baby ;)

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